Scouts at Home in West Devon

We may not be meeting face to face, but West Devon Scouts are still supporting our local groups to deliver badges and activities for our young people. On this page you’ll find a selection of badges for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers to complete at home, as well as some general links to help you come up with your own ideas and activities. Let’s get started!

Staged Badges – All Sections

Digital Maker Stage 1

Hikes Away

The Great Indoors Stage 1 Part 1

The Great Indoors Stage 1 Part 2

The Great Indoors Stage 1 Part 3

The Great Indoors Stage 2 Part 1

The Great Indoors Stage 2 Part 2

The Great Indoors Stage 2 Part 3

Beaver Badges

BEAVERS Health and Fitness badge

BEAVERS Communicator badge

BEAVERS Book Reader badge

BEAVERS Cook badge

BEAVERS Experiment badge

BEAVERS Creative badge

BEAVERS Global Issues badge

BEAVERS Space badge

BEAVERS Photographer badge

Cub Badges

CUBS Athletics badge

CUBS Communicator badge

CUBS Book Reader badge

CUBS Chef badge

CUBS Scientist badge

CUBS Artist badge

CUBS Global Issues badge

CUBS Astronomer badge

CUBS Photographer badge

Scout Badges

SCOUTS Physical Recreation badge

SCOUTS International badge

SCOUTS Librarian badge

SCOUTS Chef badge

SCOUTS Scientist badge

SCOUTS Artist badge

SCOUTS Global Issues badge

SCOUTS Meteorologist badge

SCOUTS Photographer badge

Explorer Badges

EXPLORERS Athletics badge

EXPLORERS International badge

EXPLORERS Platinum Chief Scout’s Award

EXPLORERS Chef badge

EXPLORERS Creative Arts badge

EXPLORERS Global Issues badge

Online Resources

Follow the links below to access the online resources available through Scouts UK, South West Scouts and Devon Scouts. There’s something for everyone.

Scouts Online (UK)

The Great Indoors (Scouts UK)

South West Scouting at Home

Devon Scouts (homepage and updates)

Devon Scouts Programmes at Home